The Super Mario Bros. Movie Showtimes & Review

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Showtimes

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Showtimes – This was the film I’ve been waiting for for so long and I’m not afraid to admit it. As soon as I first started making the Mario movie, I knew I had to watch it because it was literally my childhood. My sister and I played Mario Party whenever we had free time, and it was literally one of the highlights of my childhood. So my mom and I gathered the whole family, including my nieces and nephews, and took them to watch a Mario movie. Thanks to my AMC A List and the fact that I happened to have an AMC gift card, it only cost us about $30 for six people and two buckets of popcorn.

The theater I saw it in was completely sold out, full of adults and children alike. I think this is the best way to watch these films. Even the little kids in the theater knew exactly what the references were, and a kid two seats away even recognized the theme song from Luigi’s Mansion playing in the background of one of the scenes. It seems like a lot of people were die-hard fans of this show, which made it that much better thanks to all the little easter eggs that you would understand if you were a fan.

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Considered underdogs in the real world, Mario and Luigi find themselves drawn into an alternate universe where Mario must save the day.
This movie is sort of an origin story for the Mario Bros. We start the film in Brooklyn, New York, where they live with their family and have just invested all their money in a TV commercial for their plumbing services. After being humiliated by their former boss at a pizzeria, the depressed brothers get calls asking for favors. It’s a wealthy client, but when the family dog attacks them because Luigi broke a bone, the brothers accidentally destroy the apartment’s entire bathroom. They return home to their family, but when Mario discovers there is terrible flooding in Brooklyn, he decides this is their chance to prove their worth.

They end up in the New York City sewers where, upon stumbling upon an abandoned area further underground, Luigi is sucked into a green pipe and is never seen again. Mario heads into the pipe, where he is also sucked. As they hold hands after catching up to each other in the vortex created between this green pipe and the next one, Luigi becomes separated from Mario and ends up being chased by a horde of Skull Bones. He finds an abandoned mansion, drops his flashlight, and is then captured by a group of shy guys who take him to Bowser. Luigi is placed in a cage, and his only companions are the captured penguins and a small blue star who is quietly suicidal and rejoices in all his near-death experiences.

In another side story, at the beginning of the conflict, the conflict begins immediately when Bowser and his army of Koopas attack an ice kingdom full of penguins. He easily catches up with them with his army because they are small and unable to fight back, and in doing so receives a star, which makes him invincible. His ultimate goal is to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and marry Peach, but he doesn’t seem willing to accept the fact that she might not marry him (spoiler alert: she obviously won’t). At this point in the film there is an odd musical number that is geared towards children’s territory, but it works.

Mario ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom when he is picked up by a frog adventurer and sneaks into Peach’s palace. There, Mario meets Peach and she decides to team up with him, despite him not knowing the customs of their world, and they travel to Donkey’s Kingdom to ask for their hand in marriage. There, Mario narrowly defeats Donkey Kong and earns an army of donkeys. But as they board the go-kart and head to Rainbow Road, Bowser’s spies find out and ambush everyone, defeating the donkey army and leaving Mario and Donkey Kong in the fish’s mouth. They escape, but Peach has already returned to the Kingdom and at that moment surrenders to Bowser.

Peach freezes Bowser at their wedding, and Mario and Donkey Kong arrive as reinforcements. Bowser pulls out his trump card, freeing himself from the ice, a massive Bullet Bill, and Mario redirects him, sending him through the pipe he came out of. Then everyone and everything is dragged into the real world of Brooklyn, and the final showdown takes place on the streets. I think that’s normal for New York in this world. Either way, Mario and Luigi destroy Bowser, end up in the Mushroom Kingdom, and the end of the movie implies there will be another Yoshi.

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