John Kingsley Krugu Appointed As Acting EPA Executive Director

John Kingsley Krugu as the new Executive Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) being appointed by President Akufo-Addo.

In a letter signed by the President’s Secretary, Nana Asante Bediatuo, congratulated Dr. John Kingsley Krugu on his new job.

The appointment, he said, “will take effect on March 5, 2024, pending the constitutionally required advice of the Agency’s governing board, given in consultation with the Public Service Commission.”

A little bit about Dr. John Kingsley Krugu

He worked as a biomedical researcher for four years before becoming director of a youth development NGO. Among other things, the Youth Harvest Foundation is involved in youth entrepreneurship development, adolescent sexual reproductive health and the Ecofairtrade project involving youth in agriculture. He is personally interested in the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Program.

He love seeing how young people navigate the storms of sexual and reproductive health issues during several biological and emotional changes in their growth cycle. He is currently a candidate for a Master of Public Health in Amsterdam.

Below is the appointment letter;


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