People Comes Into Your Life For A Reason

People Comes Into Your Life For A Reason

Everything in our life is not accidental. everything for a reason. People come into your life on time, no matter what they come to you with good or evil. Both of them help you master your power, its light side, and its dark side.

If you are able to look at every encounter as a challenge to power, you can learn a lot, because power requires skill to control it and not give in to its temptations. If you consider each such meeting as desired or hated, the force becomes your master, and not you its ruler.

Direct knowledge of the laws of life in this universe is sealed in the body (in genes, in DNA). Access to this knowledge opens in three cases: when there is a threat to life when clearing the consciousness of all the garbage that we have accumulated over our lives (incomplete gestalts, outdated social programs), as well as for scientists focused on research and solving a specific scientific problem.

This knowledge is not intellectual information. We can interpret it with the help of the intellect, but thoughts are not knowledge, but a form of expression of this knowledge.

People with unhealthy self-esteem cause me a lot of stress, so I try to stay away from them. For me, sick self-esteem differs from low self-esteem in that when a person has low self-esteem, he suffers but does not suffer. And when he’s sick, his brain breaks and his soul becomes a thousand prickly nuclear hedgehogs when someone’s word or action gets into his wounds. And that is why he is very dangerous.
But you never know what your word or action can get into his wounds, you just see – the person is very vulnerable, touchy, thin, tense, like a string, and it’s better to stay away from him, otherwise you’ll inadvertently step on a mine, and maybe even to be like a time bomb that explodes after you have decided that your words and actions are well received by another person.

If you encourage a person who has an unreciprocated crush on you to continue to love you, you are essentially becoming a drug dealer selling a fix to an addict. This gives you a sense of power over him and gives him the illusion of hope for happiness in the distant future when you descend to him from your pedestal.

Joy ends when the drug runs out: you have the patience to bear with someone you don’t love and his expectations, he has the patience to wait for you to love him. And all the pleasantness turns into mutual hatred. In order to avoid getting into such a situation, it is very important to be able to stop, without being seduced by power over another and without being seduced by his feelings for you. It’s not you who are so cool that they love you so much. This person really needs love and goes out of his way to please you and earn your love. And he loves NOT YOU, but his illusion that he put on you.

There is no true love here, there is only passion and the desire to possess on both sides. By supporting this dangerous game, you corrupt and destroy both your soul and the soul of another. If you do not love a person, but simply sympathize with him, move away from him, honestly telling him that there is not and cannot be reciprocity between you, and none of you owe anything to the other. And don’t touch him, leave him alone. If you think that you, with your great persona, brought light into his dark life and he should be glad that he met you on his way, you are appropriating the creative powers that were in him before he met you. At the energetic level, this behavior is called “eating other people’s energy.”

And, by the way, don’t relax – he’s eating yours too, taking up your time and attention. And this is mutual debauchery, which has nothing to do with love.

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