Itchy Palms Causes & Cure

Itchy Palms Causes & Cure

Itchy palms are also a manifestation of itchy skin. What are the signs of itchy palms? This is the same as itching the soles of the feet. If we scratch the soles of the feet with our hands, we will feel particularly uncomfortable.

There are many reasons for it, including Sometimes it may be caused by acute eczema. In your daily life, you should pay more attention to your diet and avoid eating spicy and fried foods. Today we will understand what causes itchy palms.

Itchy palms can be classified into the following categories:

1. The skin on the palms of your hands is itchy, which can be solved by washing your hands more often and wiping off the itching cream;

Second, the viscera corresponding to the palm of the hand is a little ailing. The palm of the hand is called the central plain, which corresponds to our heart. There is the Laogong point here, which is a major acupuncture point in the human body. If the palms of your hands are itchy, it may be related to the heart system. The heart governs the mind, so you still have to solve the problem based on your own emotions, mentality, mood, etc. Relax and let go of your worries.

3. If you get lucky or are infected by fungi, you should pay more attention to hygiene. It is recommended to soak your hands with footlight powder, remove the skin after soaking, and then apply Vindanin ointment. It will get better gradually. Spicy and hard foods, tobacco, and alcohol are taboo.

4. Consider that it may be related to allergies, or it may be related to a dry climate. An allergy is simply an overreaction to a substance. When you eat, come into contact with, or inhale a substance, your body has an excessive reaction; the substance that causes this reaction is called an “allergen.” You can first observe the condition and see how it develops. If the symptoms worsen or persist, it is best to go to the hospital in time to see the doctor and cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

5. Itchy palms may be caused by acute eczema. Traditional Chinese medicine is a very good way to treat itchy palms, but the treatment does not take just one or two weeks to be effective. In addition, patients need to be mentally prepared because the condition may become more serious due to the discharge of heat toxins in the early stages of taking the medicine.

What causes itchy palms? You should pay more attention to your diet.

Patients can often eat foods that can dispel dampness or clear away heat and dampness, such as barley rice and winter melon soup, or drink cucumber and loofah soup, which can also have auxiliary therapeutic effects; they should avoid eating irritating foods that can aggravate the disease and cause sensitivity. , such as wine, spicy fried food, shrimp, crab, beef, etc. Some protein-rich foods are difficult for the body to break down, such as milk, beans, etc., so it is best to eat less. Patients should also avoid various factors that irritate the skin, such as scratching, bathing with highly alkaline soaps or overheated water, and not exposing the eczema-afflicted area to direct sunlight.

As for what causes itchy palms, everyone should know some of its causes. If you have itchy palms, we need to find out the cause. There are many causes. If you are infected with fungus, you should pay more attention. With good hygiene, some dietary taboos, and good care, the itchy palms will disappear.

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