100 Inspiring Quote About Love

100 Inspiring Quote About Love

Love is a beautiful thing which gives a lot of great feelings to us, it’s beautiful to be loved. Here are 100 inspiring quote about love which is listed below for your love ones;

1. There is always time and opportunity to do what you want to do, and you can always find excuses for what not to do.

2. People who are in love often have quarrels with each other, but people who are indifferent can tolerate each other.

3. Some silly things must not only be said behind other people’s backs, but also behind one’s own back. It’s embarrassing to let yourself hear it. For example, I love you and I will love you forever.

4. People always feel happier when they are close to happiness, but worry about gains and losses when happiness is in progress.

5. After all, you live your life yourself, not for others.

6. When you die, my story ends, but when I die, your story is still long.

7. For people after the age of thirty, ten or eight years is just a matter of fingers. For young people, three to five years can be a lifetime.

8. If you like someone, you will humble yourself into the dust and then bloom into flowers.

9. I want you to know that there is always someone waiting for you in this world. No matter when or where you are, you know that there is always such a person.

10. Love will end when it comes to an end. When the time comes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to. Love turns out to be drinking poisonous wine with a smile.

11. Don’t say that there is no good man in the world. Don’t remember the person who abandoned you. After all, he once loved you and loved you. Tolerance will make you more beautiful. 12. Human reason is not very reliable in nature. It often acts as a spokesperson for profit, but I don’t feel it.

13. There is no situation in life that is completely unpleasant, harmful or unhelpful – as long as I treat my speech as a joke and don’t take it too seriously.

14. It seems inevitable that peers will be jealous of each other, not to mention that they are all women – all women are peers.

15. The moon thirty years ago has sunk long ago, and the people thirty years ago are also dead. But the story thirty years ago is not over yet – it cannot be over. 16. Some people have many opportunities to meet, but they always find excuses to avoid it. When they want to meet, they have no chance. There are some things that I have many opportunities to say, but I think about saying them later. When I say them, I have no chance. Some things have many opportunities to do, but they are postponed day by day. When they want to do it, they find that there is no chance. Some love gives you a lot of opportunities, but you don’t care. When you want to take it seriously, you no longer have the chance to love.

17. Women often forget this: all their education is nothing more than teaching them to be strong-willed and resist external temptations, but they spend their entire lives trying to provoke external temptations.

18. Loving someone is difficult, but giving up the one you love is even harder.

19. Some people have never had the opportunity to meet them. When they have the opportunity to meet them, they hesitate. Some loves have never had the opportunity to love, and when they have the opportunity to love, they no longer love them.

20. We are all people who are used to being lonely.

21. If what you give me is the same as what you give to others, then I will not accept it.

22. In this bizarre world, no one can live a smooth life. But I always believe that those who have experienced countless hardships and tasted all kinds of flavors will be more vivid and clean after walking through the mountains and rivers.

23. When wine is in the belly, things are in the heart. There always seems to be a layer in between. No matter how much wine you drink, it can’t reach your heart.

24. Meetings and separations are common in life. No matter what, there will always be a day when we hide our tears and let go.

25. Whether in art or in life, the most rare thing is knowing when to stop. What the Chinese are most proud of is this beauty of restraint.

26. “Human Nature” is the most interesting book, and you can never finish it in a lifetime.

27. I’m used to pretending, and it’s because everyone pretends to me. Only to you, I told the truth, but you couldn’t tell.

28. Every butterfly is the soul of a flower in the past, and it is the flower’s past life that comes to meet this life.

29. Love has not come yet, life is carefree, and the most painful things are just tests and examinations. I felt a lot of pressure at the time, but looking back later, I realized how small it was. Some people are destined to wait for others, and some people are destined to be waited for. The origin and destruction of conditions, the intensity of conditions and the lightness of conditions are beyond our control. What we can do is to cherish the short time when fate meets us.

30. Men are extremely beautiful. Men are even more intolerant than women.

31. Maybe every man has had two women like this, at least two. Marry a red rose, and over time, the red one will become a smear of mosquito blood on the wall, while the white one will remain “the bright moonlight in front of the bed”; marry a white rose, and the white one will become a speck of rice sticky on your clothes, but the red one will It’s a cinnabar mole on the heart. That is to say, no matter which one a man chooses, he will no longer cherish it over time. Instead, he will only think about the good of the one he did not choose.

32. A pessimist calls a glass half empty; an optimist calls a glass half full. I enjoy life as half full.

33. Life flies by so fast. For people after middle age, ten or eight years seems to be a matter of time, but for young people, three to five years can be a lifetime. Shijun and I have only been separated for a few years, but we have encountered too many things, as if we have experienced life, separation, death and farewell one after another.

34. The result of spiritual love is always marriage, while physical love often stops at a certain stage, with little hope of marriage. There’s only one problem with spiritual love: women often don’t understand what men say during the relationship.

35. Good people always suffer. The burden of sorrow seems to be innate, so they can only endure.

36. If you don’t tease a woman, she says you are not a man; if you tease her, she says you are not a superior person.

37. Too intense happiness and too intense sadness have something in common: they both need to stay away from the crowd.

38. It is inappropriate to do anything to a man who no longer loves you. Being well-dressed means showing off, being ragged means looking ugly. Silence makes people depressed and talking makes people tired. I wanted to ask him if it was still raining outside, but I couldn’t help but not express my suspicion. I had already asked him.

39. As a woman, you must be a well-behaved woman. A well-behaved woman can be a little unbridled once in a while and get benefits that ordinary bad women can’t dream of.

40. They always say that they will love for a lifetime, as if birth, old age, illness and death are within our control. When to gather, when to disperse, when to live, when to die. Really no match for destiny.

41. A close friend is like a mirror, reflecting the most beautiful part of our nature.

42. When I love you, your heart is sleeping; when you love me, my heart is frozen.

43. Everyone nodded and smiled and walked away.

44. When a man longs for a woman’s body, he cares about her soul and lies to himself that he is in love with her soul. Only after occupying her body could he forget her soul.

45. When you fall in love with someone, you are always a little afraid, afraid of getting him; afraid of losing him.

46. ​​I often feel that it is incomprehensible. The noise on the street can be heard very clearly on the sixth floor, as if it is right under my ears. Just as the older a person gets, the distance from his childhood gradually grows, and the trivial memories of childhood become closer and clearer. stand up. 47. Sometimes women are simply inhumane when they calm down. And he really knows how to act. I’m afraid every woman is an actress.

48. Books are your best friends. The only drawback is that it makes me more myopic but it is still worth it.

49. There are legends everywhere, but they don’t necessarily have such a happy ending. The Huqin was babbling and pulling, pulling it here and there in the night of thousands of lights, telling endless desolate stories – don’t even ask!

50. Few women are loved because of the beauty of their souls. 51.Are you young? It doesn’t matter, you will be old in two years. Youth is not rare here.

52. It is easy to fantasize a person is very noble, and then quickly discover his despicableness. Time and time again, the illusion is shattered.

53. Only those who live in poverty like to pry into other people’s private affairs.

54. If you are suspicious of your wife, she will cheat on you. If you don’t doubt your wife, she will doubt you.

55. You broke someone’s heart, and you asked her to pick up the rags, piece by piece, patiently put them together, like children playing a jigsaw puzzle, maybe even after ten or eight years they can’t put it together.

I know I’ve changed. I didn’t like the me before, and I don’t like the me now even more. When I go back, I am willing to be a new person.

56. A woman will never fall in love with a man she thinks is pitiful. A woman’s love for a man must be a little adoring.

57.Young , right? Don’t worry, you will get old.

58. A woman who is too straight-laced and too upright is always unlovable.

59. For those who cannot speak, clothes are a kind of speech, a kind of pocket drama that they carry with them.

60. When a person learns something, he is reluctant to put it aside.

61. Do you love me? Already loved to a dangerous degree. How dangerous is it? I can no longer live alone.

62. Maybe love is not passion or nostalgia, but just years, which have become a part of life over time.

63. Everyone is locked in their own little world, and she can’t get in even if she breaks her head.

64. I love you, what does it have to do with you? No matter how weird it is, it can’t be blamed on you.

65. Useless women are the most powerful women.

66. I don’t know why, but the age of eighteen is so elusive. It’s like I’m separated by a big mountain, I can’t get over it, I can’t see it.

67. I want you to know that there is a person in this world who is always waiting for you. No matter when or where you are, you know that there is always such a person.

68. Only when you were not loved by others will you cherish the person who will love you in the future.

69. The sound of rain is gurgling, like living by the stream. I would rather rain every day, thinking that you can’t come because of the rain.

70. Life is a gorgeous robe covered with fleas.

71. If someone without an umbrella walks next to someone with an umbrella, no matter how close they are, they will not be able to escape the rain and will get even wetter. It’s better to hide far away, even if you don’t have an umbrella, the rain will pass and the sky will clear up. Even if you are not close, you can still have your own sunny world.

72. After a man completely understands a woman, he will not love her.

73. You want me to be a good woman in front of others and a bad woman in front of you. Your highest ideal is a pure and provocative woman.

74. When you fall in love with someone, your heart will always be low, as low as the soil. Flowers will bloom in the soil, so humble but so happy.

75. No woman is loved because of the beauty of her soul. 76. I believe in people, but I don’t believe in human nature.

77. I like money because I have never suffered from money and I don’t know the disadvantages of money. I only know the advantages of money. 78. There are so many people in this world, but they cannot accompany you home. 79. No matter how bad your conditions are, there will always be someone who loves you. No matter how good your conditions are, there will always be someone who doesn’t love you.

80. In the name of youth, do all these bad things luxuriously, and then turn around and make corrections in time before you are thirty. From now on, take off the childish coat and take away the wisdom. Then, be a qualified person, start taking responsibility, and start loving life and the world tenaciously.

81. There are many big and small waitings in a person’s life, and people gradually forget what they are waiting for.

If a woman doesn’t get the love of the opposite sex, she won’t get the respect of the same sex. Women are just that bitchy. 82. There are two types of women who are very cute. One is the mother-type, who is very considerate and good at taking care of others, and will take good care of men. When you are with such a woman, you will feel strongly loved. There is also a younger sister type. Very timid, very shy, and very dependent on men. Being with such a woman will stimulate the emergence of his own manly personality. For example, beating mice and carrying heavy objects. I will often think of protecting my little woman. There is also a kind of woman who neither knows how to care about others nor shows weakness to men. This kind of woman leaves men helpless the most.

83. After all, there are not many people who are extremely sick and extremely enlightened. The times are so heavy and do not allow us to achieve enlightenment so easily.

84. In this world, there is no emotion that is not riddled with holes.

85. Not loving is a lifetime of regrets, and loving is a lifetime of suffering.

86. If memories had a smell, it would be the fragrance of camphor, sweet and steady, like clearly remembered happiness, sweet and melancholy, like forgotten sorrow. 87. Among millions of people, you meet the one you meet; among millions of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, you just happen to catch up, neither a step too early nor a step too late.

88. If you knew me in the past, maybe you would forgive me now.

89. When you meet the person you want to meet among millions of people, in the endless wilderness of time for millions of years, there is no step too early or one step too late. If you just happen to catch up, there is nothing else to say. He only asked softly: “Oh, are you here too?”

90. Maybe every man has had two women like this, at least two.

91. Marry a red rose, and over time, the red one will become a smear of mosquito blood on the wall, while the white one will remain “the bright moonlight in front of the bed”; marry a white rose, and the white one will become a grain of rice sticky on the clothes, and the red one will But it is a cinnabar mole on the heart. 92. People always feel happier when they are close to happiness, but worry about gains and losses when happiness is in progress.

93. When I need you most, you may not be by my side. When I want to rely on you, you won’t show up at the right time. When I need comfort, your voice can only be on the phone. When I am lonely and helpless, your figure will only appear in the horizon.

94. Laugh, and the whole world will laugh with you; cry, and you will cry alone.

95. The long part is suffering, the short part is life.

96. What we fear most is not the environment we are in or how shameful the people we meet are, but that over time, we can no longer distinguish ourselves from them.

97. For most women, the meaning of love is to be loved.

98. Ordinary men like to teach bad women, and also like to influence bad women and make her become good women.

99. Is there one person in your life that when you see him for the first time, you already know that it is him. At this time, you looked at him with smiling eyes and said firmly: “Don’t even think about going anywhere again!”

100. Childhood is warm and slow day by day, just like the sunshine on the pink velvet lining of old cotton shoes.

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