True Love: Real Or Just Fake As Some People Say

True Love: Real Or Just Fake As Some People Say

True love, some lovers do talk about it but people find it difficult to believe it if they have had their first share of broken heart.  In our todays article we will delve into it fully for us to know if it’s really exist or it just a fake feeling.

I think true love is the emotional aura of two people talking on the same channel that can attract each other. They can talk about anything, be honest about the past, and move toward the future together. 

Can help each other emotionally. 

Warm each other. 

Inner fusion and soul fusion are meaningful. 

The emotions must be on the same frequency. 

Different frequencies can be very tiring.

For example, the other person’s needs are different from yours. She only wants to be friends with you, and you talk about love with her, while she talks about other things with you.

You want love, but she only wants to be ordinary friends with you, and you talk about feelings for her. Not responding and always telling her not to put pressure on her means that she has no love for you.

The love between two people must be on the same frequency. It must be frank and can’t talk about everything. If you are honest with each other, it is not real love. Real love is to experience the wind and rain together and enjoy the rainbow. Because a person’s life is very long and it will be very tiring emotionally.

Without emotional companionship, there is really no meaning in living just the basic necessities of life. Love is two people achieving each other. Not plotting against each other. Love means wishing the other person well, rather than wishing the best for oneself. True love can give people the courage to live. 

Find a soul mate. 

It’s what everyone needs to do. Although everyone’s understanding of love is different, if you want to get true love, your soul must be in harmony with your three views. Spiritual fit. Only then can you truly find love. All external material conditions are additional conditions and not the main conditions.

Only when the foundation of love is laid and two people truly love each other can they love each other for a long time.

I hope everyone can find a soul mate. 

Marriage is not a wall. A marriage without love is a wall. 

Everyone who treats love sincerely is qualified to receive love.

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