A Wise Parable About How To Test A Partner’s Fidelity

A Wise Parable About How To Test A Partner's Fidelity

Fidelity Test, when starting a relationship, each of us asks the question: Will my partner remain faithful? Of course, it is impossible to predict 100%, and yet there are some situations in which the whole essence of a person is learned.

The answer lies in a simple but very deep parable

In the mountains lived a wise old man, to whom men and women came for advice before a wedding or simply while in a long search for a faithful lover. And everyone asked the same question:

“How to understand that the chosen one will not cheat, that you can walk hand in hand with him all your life and trust him without expecting betrayal on his part.”

After all, you really want not to make a mistake and find the one and only one for life. And everyone received the same advice:

“A woman’s loyalty manifests itself when a man has nothing. And a man’s loyalty manifests itself when he has everything.”

Fidelity Test – Does true love really need trials?

After all, a person is a rather complex creature, and everyone tends to change throughout life. And perhaps it is not the circumstances in which the couple finds themselves that are to blame, but simply other views and concepts that have developed over time.

Yes, and loyalty depends, rather, on the moral qualities of a person and is not subject to circumstances. After all, if a person has high morality, then it would not occur to him to cheat on his chosen one and have an affair behind his back. If love does happen, he will act honestly and break up with the person, without cheating or deceiving.

And secretly, as a rule, only those who have no conscience cheat. But, in this case, no money will help, and no circumstances will be able to change such a person. However, of course, there is meaning and some truth in this statement.

Everyone has ups and downs in life.

And at such moments, all emotions and feelings intensify. Resentments, disappointments, and weaknesses spill out. In addition, when losing everything, a person is simply stressed, and the intensity of emotions, firstly, does not allow him to soberly perceive and assess the situation, and secondly, in such a situation, there is always a feeling that somewhere is better.

That is why the strongest marriages collapse in such circumstances. After all, not everyone can lose heart, move on together, support, forgive, accept, and loyalty and devotion will be some of the decisive qualities here.

For men who have everything, resisting the charms of another woman is no less difficult. When there are opportunities and so many temptations around, only the most faithful and reliable will be able to think sensibly and not succumb to temptation.

Be that as it may, real, strong relationships are built on trust. And if it exists, then there is no need to check such relationships with circumstances. And fidelity is a concept that does not depend on circumstances or reasons.

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