How To Change Your Destiny

How To Change Your Destiny

How To Change Your Destiny, We have power and control over our destiny. Our lives and results depend on our own decisions, actions and efforts. Instead of relying on external circumstances or fate, we can actively participate in shaping our present and future.

Whatever one may say, fate seems to be a force of nature only until we understand the reasons for what is happening to us. But for those who sincerely want to see the cause-and-effect relationships of their existence, it is revealed in the phenomenon of karma – in the law according to which every event is only a consequence of a choice made in the past. If you are ready to accept the above idea, if you are not afraid of responsibility for that the situation in which you are now, only in this case the opportunity opens up for you to change your destiny. Awareness and acceptance are the first step towards a better life, followed by action. And we have prepared for you some simple recommendations that you should implement into your picture of the world and model of behavior, so that favorable changes do not keep you waiting.

1. Free yourself from old attachments

To change your destiny by bringing something new into it, you first need to clear away the rubble of the old. Unresolved grievances, unresolved conflicts, regret about mistakes of the long past – all these are the strongest factors influencing your life today. Engage in recapitulating the years you have lived, reconsider conflict and unpleasant situations, the memory of which still haunts you.
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Forgive and release the offenders, they were your teachers. Ask for forgiveness from the people you have offended, and even if this cannot be done directly, apologize mentally. Repay your debts as much as possible. Let go of the guilt and shame for what you have repented of. If you have bad habits, try to get rid of them. How to change your destiny, if only not through giving up destructive programs: quit smoking, switch to a healthy diet, stop spreading gossip and rumors.

2. Review your goals

Check your goals for truth, because how else can you change your destiny unless you adjust the vector of your aspirations? In psychology, there is one simple but effective method. Write your goals down on a piece of paper and see how they sound. Do I want to have or do I want to be in the process? If the first, most likely your goal is false, it is imposed by social stereotypes, the pursuit of status: I want this car, phone, apartment, clothes, I want to go to Paris, get married, get a prestigious job. If the goal reflects a long-term stay in a state, this goal is true, you really want it: I want to go on a trip to Tibet, work at my favorite job, build a family with my loved one, do what I love, drive this car, move among interesting people. of people.

This method is far from the only one and not completely true. Try different ones: ask your heart, ask yourself the question of the reasons for your desire: “why do I want this”, prioritize goals – from the most important to the least significant. Understand that the change in fate towards prosperity largely depends on this stage. A clearly defined intention activates the metaphysical forces of the Universe and directs them to create events conducive to realization.

3. Change the vector of perception

In recommendations on the topic “how to change your destiny,” positive thinking occupies the most important place. Quite often a person becomes hostage to negative thoughts that have a destructive effect on his life. But on a mental level, like attracts like. And the deeper you plunge into the swamp of negativism, the more actively the Universe throws you new troubles.

They say that trouble does not come alone. But this statement is true only as long as a person reacts dramatically to events that are unpleasant to him. Change the vector from minus to plus, cultivate an optimistic outlook on things. Get rid of the habit of pumping and twisting. In addition to the fact that your emotional state is a powerful psychological factor that determines your destiny, emotion is also an energetic impulse, which serves as a reason in the formation of your karma.

4. Give up your weakness and take action!

The question of how to change fate arises as a result of dissatisfaction with one’s own life. And this state clearly indicates an abundance of suppressed desires and needs. By and large, all our goals in this life come down to one thing – we want to be happy. But to achieve happiness, sometimes you need to do something for your own pleasure, and not just passively endure in the name of some ephemeral ideals. Refuse to play the victim. There is no need to take off your last shirt and suffer from the cold. Helping others is necessary and important, but only out of your abundance. Remember that those who cannot help themselves

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