Breaking Up: How To End A Relationship Correctly

Breaking Up: How To End A Relationship Correctly

Breaking up, no one is safe from separation. That’s life. How to end a relationship correctly so that the past does not poison the future, read in this article.

The main difficulty in ending a relationship is that people, as a rule, simply run away. R-time – and they are already apart, already strangers, no longer communicating.

But all sorts of emotional “tails” remain. And they keep it. They hold it tightly.

Well, the first thing you need to do to unravel such a “tail” is to thank. In reality, thank the one (she) with whom you are breaking up for the good things he (she) gave.

The second approach is to humble your pride and ask for forgiveness. It’s not true that you’re welcome. Living next to another person (even if you were just dating) is always accompanied by some minor insults, hurt feelings, and frustration. For all this, they ask for forgiveness.
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In principle, it is possible without specifics. Here, sincerity is important, and not a scrupulous listing like “And I’m sorry that I didn’t take out the trash twice, even though you asked.”

The third step is to forgive in return. Like, I forgive you too if something bad happens. Again, it’s not the specifics that are important, but the sincerity.

The fourth step is to bless. Most likely, this man (or woman) on the contrary was not a completely terrible monster. And I hardly want this man (or woman) to burn in hell with a blue flame. Rather, on the contrary, I want everything to be fine for him (her) later in life. Well, this is what needs to be said.

Just say it, of course, without sarcasm (“I wish you find you as stupid as yourself!”), but sincerely, as it is.

If sarcasm comes out, it means you don’t want to break up yet, but want to fight.

Well, that is, continue the relationship. Also an option.

Finally, the fifth stage is to let go. Here they simply say goodbye and go their separate ways. All. No reproaches or attacks. Simply – “Goodbye.”

So, I’ll repeat it briefly. When ending a relationship, you need to:

1. Thank (thank you for…)
2. Ask for forgiveness (if you don’t know what, then just forgiveness in general)
3. Forgive (I forgive you too)
4. Bless (I want everything to be fine with you)
5 . Let go (goodbye).

How to do it. Practice shows that speaking out loud, directly to another person, does not always work. Well, you know – emotions are overwhelming, blood is boiling, “he ruined my whole life.” Therefore, it is better without the person opposite.

Open the photo in Odnoklassniki and say everything described above there, in this photo.

You can also do it in writing. For some, it’s even better. More feeling, more powerful catharsis.

The result we strive for, the main indicator of a completed relationship, is peace of mind. Here, for example, is a man. He lived with a woman for three years, but they separated for some reason. Two more years passed. He met another woman and married her. But as soon as he came across a photo of his former sweetheart on Odnoklassniki, feelings immediately came over him – his hands trembled, his heart sank. I wanted to call and meet…

You see for yourself, there is no peace.

It was another matter when he saw this photograph, looked at it and simply smiled, remembering that part of his life where this woman was. After which he closed the photo and returned to his business.

This is peace. Such a reaction means that the relationship is over and remains in the past. And the most important thing! – do not interfere with current relationships, do not interfere in them.

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