7 Tips To Avoid A Sex Starved Relationship

7 Tips To Avoid A Sex Starved Relationship

Sex starved: By now we all know that sex is a really important aspect of our relationship. It allows us to feel a deeper connection with our partners, and it’s not just about physical pleasure.

But what happens when we don’t have enough sex? Well, it happens that you get tense and start fights with your partner, which are not only pleasant. You don’t want to fight anymore, but it seems like you’re drifting apart without really knowing why.

So being sex starved can be caused by a lot of things, but mostly it comes down to miscommunication. One of the two has problems with something in the relationship, and instead of talking about it, they resort to the passive-aggressive method and simply avoid sex. Here’s why the first tip to avoid a sex-starved relationship:

1. Communication

As with everything in life, communication can solve so many problems. If you just sit down with your partner once a day to talk about whatever they’re going through and actively listen, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you something’s wrong. Sit down and try to work through everything in your relationship, and if you see room for improvement, don’t let it be that way. Communication can also show you what your partner wants and needs from sex. If you haven’t talked about it before, now is the time.

2. Pleasing your partner

Sex is such a strange thing that we cannot enjoy ourselves, so we tend to become very selfish. But we won’t lack pleasure if we focus on our partner. Maybe your partner saw that you weren’t putting in enough effort during sex, and they simply stopped wanting to sleep with you. It’s such a heartbreaking thing because you probably didn’t do it on purpose. So, put in some effort to get your partner excited and spoil them during sex.

3. Do something new

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’re usually bored. Nothing is pleasurable anymore, and that’s what frustrates us to the point where we no longer feel the urge to have sex. So, the spices. Think of a few new things you’d like to try in bed, or just do something exciting outside of the bedroom with your partner. Do something that will make you both feel connected to each other and that’s when the sparks will fly again.

4. Be patient

Someone with a higher libido in a relationship tends to become very vulnerable and can become very angry if their needs are not met. But anger does not solve anything. What if your partner is going through a difficult time in their life and you’re just making it harder for them? Instead, just sit back and relax. Nothing can come of you being in a hurry. Be patient and be there for your partner. Show them that you love and appreciate them.

5. Choose your words wisely

Words are like bullets, right? If you’ve only offended your partner once during sex, there’s a good chance they’ll avoid it until they feel safe again. So instead of yelling that it hurts or that they should stop, how about “Mmmm, let’s try that too.” Or something in between that can help your partner find a safe place and at the same time not offend them by saying they don’t know what they’re doing.

6. Accept your partner completely

When was the most vulnerable moment you saw your partner? Of course, during sex. Your partner will back off and avoid sex when they see them being judged in such a vulnerable state. If they are naked in front of you, be generous with compliments, don’t make them feel insecure or unloved. This can only destroy your relationship. Rather, accept their flaws because no one is perfect.

7. It is not shameful to talk about it

We started and will end with communication. What people forget is that talking about sex and not being sexually active isn’t shameful. It’s a natural way of dealing with problems, and we need to put ourselves in that “It’s OK” mindset. When we fail to communicate our feelings because we think they’ll make us look stupid, we’re actually giving ourselves more room to become frustrated and mean to our partner, further drawing sex hunger into negativity.

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