Women Who Attract Men Like A Magnet: 6 Features

Women Who Attract Men Like A Magnet: 6 Features

There are women who do not stand out externally, but attract the attention of men like a magnet. As scientists have found, certain features of a woman’s face and figure are indeed very attractive to the stronger sex.

Height is shorter than a man

Scientists from the Netherlands have proven that both tall and short men consciously choose a shorter woman as their partner. The image of a small, fragile and defenseless girl evokes in the stronger sex an irresistible desire to prove themselves as a protector, provider and reliable support. And short beauties seem younger to men than ladies with a height above 170 cm.

Blue eyes, if a man has blue eyes too

An article was published in the scientific journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology that blue-eyed men consider women with the same eye color more attractive. Scientists have found that this happens because subconsciously a man is looking for a companion with related characteristics.

And, according to statistics, blue-eyed parents have children with the same eye color with a 99% probability. This means that it is much easier to convict your beloved of cheating if the baby’s iris color is brown or green. Men notice this at the level of intuition.


It has long been known that men prefer women with an hourglass figure. The stronger sex, first of all, pays attention to wide hips, and only then to a thin waist, graceful shoulders and lush breasts. This happens because subconsciously they are looking for a partner to procreate. And wide hips are a prerequisite for successful childbearing.

Dark border around the edge of the iris

Men consider eyes with a border along the contour of the iris more attractive. This rim is also called a limb. American researchers believe that depending on its brightness, one can tell how healthy a person is.

With age, the dark outline of the iris becomes thinner and lighter. And when a woman’s reproductive function begins to fade, it disappears completely. Men notice this feature and are less likely to pay attention to such ladies.

Convex buttocks

The University of Texas Psychology conducted a study and found that men are most attracted to raised buttocks. During the survey, participants were shown photos of women with different postures and spinal structures. According to the results, almost all men recognized as the most attractive those women whose angle between the lower back and buttocks was approximately 45 degrees.

Visually, the buttocks of some beauties appear this way not because they go to the gym and work out their muscles, but because of the structural features of the skeleton. Thus, men subconsciously choose partners who are guaranteed to be able to bear their common offspring. And a spine with such a structure is capable of supporting both twins and triplets.


Participants in the American Quora forum agreed that freckles on a woman’s face catch their attention and make them want to meet each other. In general, freckles are not that common. Therefore, girls with this skin feature can easily attract the attention of men. And the classic combination of red curls, green eyes and freckles is even rarer. Therefore, representatives of the stronger sex are especially crazy about this image.

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