Why Exes Come Back And Try To Reconnect

Why Exes Come Back And Try To Reconnect

Why Exes Come Back: Breakups can be extremely painful. Often people feel empty and devastated, especially if their partner was a significant part of their life.

If a breakup occurs, the pain due to this can be stronger than physical.

But time passes. Everything is forgotten. The pain subsides. And then, like a bolt from the blue, the ex appears.

In such a situation, the main thing is to have time to take off your rose-colored glasses and ask yourself: why? What does he need?

Why Exes Come Back?

There are many reasons for returning. And you shouldn’t entertain yourself with illusions, thinking that you are the best and he finally understood it. This may be true, but other possibilities cannot be ruled out.

A man is burdened by loneliness

Many people do not want to be alone, and therefore are ready to be with anyone. Even with those you don’t like or are unpleasant.

In this case, the man is tired of being alone, has not met anyone and wants to return.

But this does not mean that he loves a woman, “he understood everything and changed.”

But here is another option: the man “understood everything and changed.”

This doesn’t happen often. The man realized that the woman is truly dear to him, he does not want to lose her. He realized that only with her could he be himself, be happy, love and be loved.

That’s why I decided to change and did some work on myself.

But often men use the phrase “what a fool I was, I understood everything!” as an excuse to return.

Although these words mean nothing.

A man comes back because he didn’t meet someone better

Today he meets with Masha, tomorrow with Katya, the day after tomorrow with Yulia. But they are not like Lyuda, with whom he broke up.

Luda listened to him carefully, was kind and caring. And the rest want to be the center of attention themselves, waiting to be taken care of.

Until a man has met a comfortable woman, he can return to patient Lyuda again and again.

A woman has what a man needs

Some resource, maybe something tangible or intangible, but necessary for a man.

For example, a woman won the lottery, and her “beloved” is right there. This story is always about use. This happens to men too. He got rich, became famous, and his ex-partner returned. But there are no sincere feelings here, only calculation.

Whatever the reason, pretty quickly after the reunion old problems will make themselves felt. If it weren’t for them, people would be together.

The only case when everything will be truly different is if a person really realized his mistakes and began to change.

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