When you emit light, you irritate those who live in darkness

When you emit light, you irritate those who live in darkness

Light and Darkness: “If laughter is contagious, let’s create an epidemic.”

You’ve probably come across a situation more than once when you simply glow with happiness, want to share this feeling with the whole world, and in response – only sidelong glances and disapproval. Why does your inner light irritate people living in darkness so much?

Indeed, this happens all the time. In our lives there are people who are literally filled with light and illuminate everything around, and those who “shine the other way around” – blinding us with their toxicity. The most amazing thing is that these toxic “lamps” appear precisely at the moment when we are happy and want to “embrace the whole world” – to share our joy with everyone.

“Envy is a thousand times worse than hunger, because it is spiritual hunger,” – Miguel de Unamuno, Spanish philosopher.

In fact, these people are absolutely not interested in you and do not need you, just like they are for you – they are very destructive. After all, true friends are those who will not only lend their shoulder in difficult times and support, but also share joy and happiness with you.

Light and darkness are part of human nature. Some people have light in their souls, others have darkness, that is, envy and malice. The problem is that we have to communicate with these “carriers of darkness,” and sadly enough, they poison our “light.” The light of other people’s souls literally hurts their eyes, causing poisoning and anger.

The thing is, some people need to take your light away in order to feel better. After all, only evil lives in their soul, and it is not blood that flows through their vessels, but envy.

These are like mushrooms that look edible, but are actually life-threatening. It’s the same with these evil people: they ingratiate themselves into our trust, swear eternal love and friendship, but in reality they only want one thing – to poison. So that we don’t shine so brightly, annoying with our joy and openness.

But if a person is not able to share our happiness, then what are we doing next to him? Turning off the light is very easy, but turning it on again is not a guarantee that it will work. And the longer you stay around toxic people, the more difficult it is to return to your old self.

When we are happy in our souls, we rush to share it with those we know well. This is an absolutely normal reaction: I want to tell others that we have found it – our little happiness on Earth.

Everyone does it differently. Someone writes a post on a social network, someone calls and tells the latest news, others write poetry… There are a lot of ways, but the essence is the same – we want to share our joy with someone, so that their soul will feel lighter.

“I’m glad you’re happy, I’m glad you’re happy,” Paul Auster, American writer.

At such moments, stumbling across dissatisfied glances and envious sniffles – you can’t imagine anything worse. Joy “takes away” like a hand. The expression on the interlocutor’s face (or intonation) alone is enough to understand: our joy is in someone’s throat.

Moreover, we expect a smile in response, joyful laughter and delight: “Oh, this is just fantastic! Congratulations, buddy!”

But our light is met by impenetrable darkness. The darkness of envy and ill will. And the light begins to fade… As if someone had clipped their wings in flight. Emotions weaken, joy disappears somewhere…

If this happens again with your friend or loved one, it’s time to think about what you are actually doing together. Happiness is truly contagious, but only for those who also glow from within.

For “people of darkness,” someone else’s joy causes discomfort and aggression. Just don’t think that it’s all about you! Nothing personal! Their unhealthy reaction is associated solely with their traumas and complexes.

Your light should shine and illuminate this world with goodness and joy. And people living in darkness should not interfere with him. Delete them safely and continue enjoying life!

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