Richard Gere 3 amazing quotes; “Life is too short”

Richard Gere 3 amazing quotes; “Life is too short”

Richard Gere has starred in many successful films, and his talent and charisma have made him one of the most famous and popular actors. He has received many awards and is also known for his active civic stance and charitable activities related to the protection of human rights and assistance to the needy.

Don’t waste your thoughts on the past.

We spend so much time dwelling on the past as if we could change anything about it. Every time you think about past beauty, past successes or failures, you are betraying your present and future. An adult is just like a child, only children dream about the future and adults dream about the past. And this is the whole tragedy! Children’s dreams about the future can become reality, but about the past – never. It will never be the same, and the sooner you realize that, the more time you will have for the future.

The paradox of the past is that the more you think about it, the more you destroy the present and deprive yourself of the future. What would happen if I went outside and hit a pole and instead of just continuing forward and looking around, I walked looking back and thinking how stupid I was to hit it? Chances are I’ll crash somewhere else again, maybe even worse, until I realize there’s no point in looking back.

What if I met a girl on the street, approached her, and she refused to introduce me? I’ll walk down the street and turn around and look at her and wish I hadn’t noticed how many beautiful girls were around. It’s the same in life: the more the past, the less the future.

Life takes those who stand still.

“What would an ideal world look like for all people? If every person, regardless of what they do or where they were born, received an “opportunity” letter every day. Do you want to move out of town? Please! Do you want to do what you love? Great, just open the envelope! But in our world, those who sit quietly and do nothing not only get less, but also lose what they had. Life takes those who stand still – this is the main rule of life. It’s sad, but it’s a fact” – Richard believes that no one will ever be able to fulfill all the wishes of a person for him. Everything is in our hands.

You see, people have a huge number of desires that would really improve their lives, and they know what they are. What separates those who will be taken by life in its claws from those who will be happy? There is only one difference. The first will look for reasons why they should not do something. And they will find it! “Age, wrong time, wrong place, wrong weather” are all excuses. The latter will look for arguments in favor of why they should do this. And they will find it! That’s the whole difference: the choice goes one way, and then the brain works. The brain is an incredible thing, the power of which we have not yet realized – it just needs a way. If you say stop, he’ll find a hundred reasons why you won’t get anywhere. If you say let’s go, he will do anything to get you what will bring you happiness.

Life is in the little things, and the tragedy is in comparing yourself to others.

Life in little things. Life in – a favorite book, a cozy street, good wine and a delicious dinner. In spontaneous, completely unplanned, but deep evening conversations. Enjoying life is an art that needs to be learned from the cradle! Each of us can easily become depressed because of life – there are many reasons, but knowing how to enjoy life is the art of the strong. Art will dive into what you like and exclaim: “I’m so happy about it and I’m not ashamed!” Admit to yourself your weaknesses, love delicious and beautiful, useful and harmful, learn not to blame yourself for this and enjoy. Life is too quick and short to berate yourself for your weaknesses. And is it a weakness if it makes you happier?

Don’t compare your life to the lives of the “successful” and “rich”, it only destroys your own. We are shown a small handful of those who have built a successful business, and we believe that they somehow did not live their lives in the right way, did not understand something, did not push themselves somewhere. But their efforts were aided only by luck. Look at the other side of “success”: Why aren’t we shown thousands of people who are broke? There are many more of them. Millionaires taste wine just like us. They listen to music with the same ears as we do. Watching the same movies we do and enjoying the same little things we do. So should you be sad that you didn’t get your big break? Life is too short to worry about it.

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