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Chinese Health:

Chinese Health: Let this ready-made knowledge get into your open palms and benefit. Today there will be a short article about a reminder containing 16 key health principles with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). These rules are based on Qigong.

Qigong is a set of exercises, respiratory, and relaxation methods aimed at improving health at all levels: physical and mental. Practice is based on the Qi energy doctrine (vital energy).

As the practice shows, Eastern witch doctors intuitively chose the most accurate and effective methods thousands of years ago, when classic medicine was not yet able to explain all the processes in the body. Our body is very complicated, but thin and thought out. I never cease to admire the understanding of patients who have developed the right methods.

❗ Attention! This article is intended only for information purposes and in no case encourages diagnosis and self-medication. Can be contraindications! Consult with experts.

16 Chinese Health Commandments

1. Hair River

Even if they are gone. That is, this advice is relevant even for those who have lost their hair. Because you need to comb it not the comb, but your fingers.

In fact, here we are talking about the massage of the aponeurosis of the head, that is the scalp. This is a rejuvenating and healing procedure. Approximately speaking, a tendon, into which the muscles of the face and neck are woven.

As a child and adolescent, this “tendon helmet” is very mobile. You can easily check if there is a baby next to you: Put your palm on your head, gently press, and transfer it. The skin under the hair is easy to move. Now put your palm on your head and repeat the movement. When the aponeurosis of the head is rigid and solid, it is even reflected in the color, because the fluid muscles squeeze the blood vessels, disturb blood circulation and nutrition, and lead to swelling and even gradual resorption (resorption) of the skull. And, of course, immovable aponeurosis primarily affects the condition of the hair. They become dull, fall out, and grow poorly.

In addition, a dense aponeurosis of the head leads to the formation of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, the “feet of the crow” in the corners of the eyes, swelling oval face, and other age-related changes.

But the worst thing is that “hardened” aponeurosis leads to headaches, especially in the forehead and temples.

Regular head massage helps maintain young people and health. You can just exhaust your hair from your forehead to your neck. In TCM it is recommended to make at least 100 such combs. This simple action not only helps to restore the elasticity of the “tendon”, but also improves vision and stimulates biological active points.

To improve the effect, you can make circular movements with your fingertips. It is important to feel how not only the top layer of the fabric moves under them.

You can also grab your hair and gently pull it. Repeat in different places on your head.

You can do this massage in the morning to wake up faster. Or in the evening for sound and sweet sleep.

2. Hold the face

Here, of course, we talk about the message of the person. It is recommended to monitor your hands pre-rubbing your palms. And perform at least 30 tr.

3. Use your eyes

The view is the greatest gift. And this can be maintained at any age if you care about eye health. Again, on my channel, there is a choice of articles that have already been written on this topic. But I will say that this is brief here: both exercises for training and relaxation methods are important for vision. Including the relaxation of the neck muscles, because the blood supply to the eye eye depends directly on them.

It is harmful to overcome the eyes; Low lighting affects them especially badly. It is very useful to perform the palm (from the English palm – “palm”): we close our eyes, cover them with palms, and try to see a completely black surface without spots. Acupressure massage is also highly recommended – it is better to read about it in one of my publications.

4. Treat your ears

Sounds unexpected? What we mean is that massage and … clicks are very useful for the ears. You just need to cover your ears with your palms and press your fingers (index, middle, and ring on both hands) on the nape. 12 times. Now put your index fingers on your medium fingers and repeat your clicks 12 times. In this case, the index fingers should slip. How do you sound? It turns out very noisy.

I have already written about this exercise in several articles. This relieves dizziness, improves hearing and ear health, retains memory, and eliminates the call in the ears. The exercise is called “Heavenly Drum”.

Have you already tried? Probably yes. Good done!

5. The teeth chatter

Want healthy teeth? Then gently knock 24 times, first with your chewing teeth, and then your front teeth. We only talk about gentle listening, so as not to ruin the enamel.

This simple exercise improves the health of the entire mouth and teeth.

6. reach out to the sky

I did not intentionally put “E” – this is a very good coincidence. In fact, of course, the Chinese mean “heaven”; In Russian, it is a consonant with heaven without dots.

Exercise consists of lifting the language to the upper sky and moving the tip of the tongue along it. TCM is sure that here’s yin and yang, all processes in the body are harmonized.

7. Use gold liquid

This moment personally gives me an involuntary sense of disgust. But Chinese healers believe that we need to treat one another. They call gold fluid … saliva.

I knew for a long time that it should not be released from different brochures on alternative medicine, which I read in my early youth. But I didn’t even think that TCM is of great importance to this fluid.

If you follow step 6 (move the tip of the mouth on the mouth), a lot of salivae accumulates in your mouth. It should be accumulated and swallowed slowly, morally directing it to the point under the navel. A sufficient amount of saliva in the body irrigates the internal organs, promotes food absorption, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and moisturizes the hair and skin from the inside.

8. Exhale the stale air

You need to squeeze your breath, inflating your chest and belly. If you feel that they are already very complete, you need to raise your head a little, slowly open your mouth, and exhale stagnant air from your chest and abdomen. Repeat 5-7 times.

It is believed that it promotes healthy breathing and even free asthma.

9. Massage of the abdomen

One of the most useful methods for the health of our whole body. It is no coincidence that the belly was called Rus. And both of these words are relatives in the blood.

How to do a massage? Roll your palms until they are warm. And put it on the navel, on top of each other: men put the left hand from above, and women – the opposite. Now make 36 movements around the navel clockwise. Each subsequent circle should be greater than the previous one. And now, on the contrary, another 36 circular movements around the navel clockwise, but now we reduce circles in diameter.

This Chinese massage accelerates food absorption, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes weight, and harmonizes all processes in the body.

If you ate food more than 2 hours ago, you can break away from the article now and perform this message. It will take a little over a minute. Did?

10. Exercise Kegel

I write this, though, of course, there is no such name in TCM. But the essence is the same. Women who have given birth are very familiar with this useful exercise. You need to make breathing and pull all the groin muscles inside. Including everything in our “fifth ball”. I’m trying to write delicately. Speaking more straight, imagine that you are struggling to hold back all the calls to go to the toilet. This is how you need to squeeze all your delicate muscles with maximum effort.

Hold this position for a few seconds, then relax and exhale slowly.

We can talk about the benefits of such an exercise for a long time. It helps men and women maintain reproductive health, improves the functioning of the pelvic organs, and retains the muscle’s elasticity.

11. Strong limbs

That is, hands and legs. The Chinese offer different complex schemes. But more importantly, here, this is on its own. So I will tell you about the simple exercise that the niche recommends: we lie on the back and raise our feet and hands vertically. And shake them for 1 minute.

Exercise scatters lymph, facilitates swelling, and is a great prevention of cellulite and varicose veins.

12. Pressing the leg

Again, I have a lot of material on my channel. So I just remind you. It is very useful to rub the soles because there is a huge number of biologically active points. You can rub your feet in the morning right in bed either in the evening or before bedtime.

We first wash our feet with water, warm the palms (rubbing them), and massage the sole circular motion, moving from fingers to heels and back.

Leg massage is the main health technique that begins the work of all organs.

13. Body spinning

Of course, good if you can go to a professional massage regularly. But can everyone afford such a healthy pleasure? So we try to improve our own health.

Massage is carried out with warm hands. But you can also use a massage brush. According to TCM, it is better to move from the top of the head to the face, then to the left shoulder and hands, now to the right shoulder and hands, then the chest, abdomen, ribs, loins, and finally legs. This massage begins bleeding and the movement of vital QI energy. And, of course, the skin condition will improve.

14. The warm lower back

In fact, keeping the lower back is all to keep your kidneys. And in TCM it is believed that they are responsible for the health of the body as a whole. Thus, the hardening is not common among the Chinese, which can be something shock to the kidneys.

However, keeping the lower back does not mean wearing a dog belt or constantly wrapping your back in the scales. Just don’t choose low-waisted pants, and in the cold season, remember how your grandmother’s tips: “The jacket should cover your example.” Grandma knew a lot.

15. covered with breasts

And the point here is not a question of modesty. Although also in it. Walking in winter with a wide open soul means freezing the respiratory system. Chinese healers are unlikely to understand such a frivolous attitude towards their health. So, in winter, we carry a scarf or a scarf that can be hidden under a jacket or, conversely, effectively tied on a coat. And we are sure that in windy weather the breasts do not inflate.

Ren Meridian (the basis of “female” in -meridian) passes through the chest – one of the main in the human body. And through the middle line of the back is the du -meridian (the basis of “men” Jan -Meridian). Lasting, to put it bluntly, vital energy moves along our body on the midline of the chest and back. It is important to help this energy rather than interfere with its movement, otherwise, stagnation will not make you wait and lead to the disease.

16. Silent in the toilet

Another gentle moment. Chinese healers don’t even only recommend silence, but holding your mouth tightly closed. Otherwise, along with decay products, the body removes valuable health benefits. Just notice.

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