A person who will bring you misfortune

A person who will bring you misfortune

There are people who like you and seem to be trying to help and please. But their actions often do more harm than good. Sometimes there is damage that cannot be undone.

Only you can decide whether you need to communicate with such a person. And how to communicate with him. It is your personal right to make a choice. And I’ll tell you about such people, who are quite good. Not evil, but even good. Friendly and absolutely normal. But it is this person who will accidentally set your house on fire or fill out a document incorrectly, will accidentally lose something very important, vitally important, will bring a villain to you… He will blurt out something unnecessary, but it is on this “extra” that your reputation and even life depend. It can destroy everything you have built over the years, completely by accident and without malicious intent. He will apologize later. Ask for sincere forgiveness. He will even be ready to somehow compensate for the damage he caused. The only problem is that it is usually impossible to compensate. This person does not have such means. As they say, you can’t undo what’s done…

You will accept the apology and most likely not hold a grudge. You will understand that this person acted without malicious intent, it just happened that way. He made a mistake or simply ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. But deep down you understand that it was he who was the cause of the disasters that befell you. Therefore, carefully read the signs of such a person, so as not to complain later, no matter how sad it sounds…

At first you like this person. And he likes you. An emotional contact arises – everything is correct, without a personal connection, without emotional interaction, it is difficult to cause significant harm to someone. You begin to be friends or work with this person. All this happens very quickly, you don’t have time to think that, in fact, you know little about this friend. And you are guided solely by emotions.

  • Such a person is constantly in conflict with someone. He may be absolutely right, but one conflict follows another. Other people show hostility towards him and he has practically no close friends. He’s good though. Kind. Sincere. But for some reason there are no friends.
  • Such a person often makes mistakes. The kind of mistakes that cause little damage. Small at first. He will break a cup, send money to the wrong place, and lose something. Trifles that are so easy not only to forgive, but not even to notice. But this happens with enviable regularity – these small losses.
  • The presence of a person does not bother you, but after contact you become irritated and then quarrel with your loved ones. Or you feel drowsy, you literally fall asleep after communicating with this person. You get a runny nose or flu from him – it’s not his fault, of course. But this is what happens.
  • The person himself has breakdowns all the time , he loses something, something gets spoiled, pipes leak, the car breaks down. It seems like nothing too bad. But this happens regularly and he regularly tells you about it. Without complaints, maybe even with good humor.
  • This person often apologizes for small inconveniences caused. And you should forgive generously or say that there is nothing to ask for forgiveness for. So the stars aligned in the sky. It can happen to anyone, no big deal! Indeed, it is not his fault. This is true. And there’s nothing to apologize for. But he apologizes, and you have to apologize or even console the one who brings you “problems.”
  • Such a person wants to do good, but usually all his gifts are flawed. The flowers are withering. And he accidentally puts a bad meaning into kind words – he wanted to say something good, but blurted out something bad and offensive.
  • He serves as a provocateur of conflicts. Tells you the unpleasant things they say about you, for example. Supports you when you decide in anger to sort things out with someone.

Doesn’t let you cool down. It causes you to quarrel with other people. You yourself must decide whether to continue the relationship with this person. What exactly is wrong with him? As they say, maybe it’s his past life. He was a murderer or a mercenary, and did various terrible things. And in this life I decided to be kind, contrary to my nature, but somehow it turns out rather poorly. He still brings evil, just unintentionally.

And the second version; This man harbors evil deep down in his soul. Rage and envy, but they are so deep that you don’t see it. He’s a bad person, that’s all. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. He knows that he brings misfortune, but he pretends that it really upsets him. What is actually happening is not entirely clear. But the information is worth taking into account. And realize that there is someone nearby who can accidentally destroy you. By chance…

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