The worst kind of loneliness

The worst kind of loneliness

Loneliness: There is loneliness together. And this is much worse. Outwardly, they are no different from thousands of married women. They paint their lips with lipstick, wear black thongs, and run tiredly along the wet sidewalks. They go to the gym and yoga, shave their bikini area, leaving a narrow path of hair in fashion, rub their butt with an anti-cellulite mitten. The terrible truth is revealed during confidential personal communication.

What’s wrong with them?

They are lonely!

Does this happen in marriage? – you ask. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in marriage.

Single married women come home from work late; there is always a lot to do at work. Especially after six. Among single married women there are a lot of forced workaholics.

There are many reasons: either the boss is a goat, or the subordinates are fools. They are afraid to admit to themselves what really scares them. Noisy home emptiness. Tasteless dinner. The duty “how are you” and the husband, buried in the monitor screen. Some husbands don’t even think about “how things are not ripe”, but only “let’s eat.” This also happens. Single married people are terribly afraid of the weekend.

How does it happen that what was once dear and desired turns into someone else’s and distant? Does this happen gradually or in one day? Can this be avoided? It doesn’t matter at all.

People change and that’s all you need to know about them. Rivers flow, films always end, food spoils, and people change, sometimes irreparably, under the pressure of life’s circumstances. They change in such a way that we are not on the same path.

Favorite cups break, and sometimes there is no reason to glue them together. Electric kettles fail. Wiring burns out. The autumn coat is torn. Old cosmetics become unusable. It happens. When this happens, we simply throw the trash in the trash.

Nobody tells us: we should have chosen better cosmetics, then they would not have spoiled. You should have been more careful with the cup, then it wouldn’t break… Then why do they often say this about marriage? Why are they condemned? Threatened with loneliness?

We understand that things have their expiration date and their end. We don’t make a tragedy out of this. We don’t want to know that about relationships. We try to convince ourselves that they are eternal. We sit on the dried up mummy of the relationship and convince everyone that she is alive.

Can you imagine the horror of the situation when you are rushing home, and there is some strange guy there. Cuts your bread with your knife. It dirty your toilet. Leaves wet marks coming out of your shower. He switches the channels of your TV, filling the silence with only the sounds he needs. And it doesn’t go anywhere!

Moreover, this man also has the right to demand an account of where you have been! This man can demand to be served sexually, he has the right to his slobbery hugs. This man has the right to limit your life, scare away your gentlemen, and not let you go on vacation or on a dating site. This man is preventing you from living and having fun.

Single married women, if possible, taxi with friends to go shopping, to a cafe, or stealthily rush to see their lover. Stealthily, furtively inhaling the fresh air of adultery on crumpled hotel sheets. They constantly look at the phone screen because they are in a hurry to get home. And they themselves cannot explain why they exchanged hot hugs for cold borscht, and the 1349th episode of the series “Trace”. They can’t explain why they do it, but I can. They are afraid. They are afraid to be alone.

They apply lipstick, wear black thongs, run tiredly along the wet sidewalks and don’t understand one thing – they are ALREADY alone. Their worst nightmare has long since become a reality. Loneliness is not an easy task or journey one continue to enjoy but it sometimes comes as a price we pay when we are left out by our partners.

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