6 Phrases People Happy in Relationships Say: Check Your Match

6 Phrases People Happy in Relationships Say: Check Your Match

Phrases People Happy in Relationships Say: In a happy relationship, partners feel joy and satisfaction from the partnership, overcome difficulties together, share joys and support each other.

In 2022, researchers from Wright State University published a “relationship test” study. The team determined that having couples take stock of their relationship not only helps them understand their level of satisfaction with it, but also improves it.

Discussing together the relationship’s strengths, challenges, level of compassion, or even communication skills had a positive impact on the couple.

That’s probably why John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman, psychologists who have been married for more than 35 years, have listed six phrases that happy couples say most often that can help you evaluate your relationship. Relationship experts reveal how the most fulfilling couples deal with their conflicts. According to them, these couples say the following phrases:

“That’s how I feel”

In the middle of a conflict, everyone should be able to express their feelings.

“I need to calm down”

Partners need to know when and how it is appropriate to relieve pressure.

“I’m sorry”

An apology shows that everyone is capable of admitting they were wrong and taking responsibility.

“Let’s take a break”

Healthy conflict can be interrupted, especially when it gets out of the partners’ control.

“I agree”

Finding compromise, understanding when the other person brings up an issue you hadn’t thought of, or understanding their reaction by putting yourself in their shoes can help resolve disagreements.

“I appreciate”

According to experts, appreciating each other’s transparency, honesty, ability to communicate or disclose problems is the key to a thriving relationship.

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