How to make a Sagittarius man fall in love with you


Sagittarius is perhaps one of the most attractive signs of the Zodiac. He has features that are often associated with the image of an ideal man – the dreams of every lady. At the same time, a representative of this sign values ​​freedom above all else, so winning his heart is a very difficult task. It’s no surprise that many women want to know how to make a Sagittarius man fall in love with them. And to do this you need to learn as much as possible about him.

Who is a Sagittarius man?

This is the last sign of the Zodiac cycle and the element of fire, which also includes Leo and Aries. But unlike them, the flame of a representative of this constellation can rather be compared to smoldering coals, ready to flare up again when the wind blows.

Main features of an astrological portrait:

People born under this constellation are friendly, cheerful and sociable. The directness inherent in this sign often discourages others – Sagittarius always expresses his opinion “head-on”, without particularly caring about delicacy. The lack of a sense of tact is more than compensated for by ease of communication, optimism and some kind of youthful enthusiasm, for which they love him. This man always has a lot of friends. He surrounds himself with people with similar interests, does not tolerate lies and falsehood, and demands the same from others. Sagittarius is a loyal and reliable friend who you can rely on in any situation. It’s not scary to go on reconnaissance with him. He will always come to the rescue in difficult times, no matter what the cost. The habit of expressing one’s opinion without mincing words, calling a spade a spade often causes people to feel offended. However, it is simply impossible to be angry with Sagittarius for a long time, because by telling the truth, he does not intend to intentionally insult or humiliate anyone.

Men of this sign are good storytellers. If a Sagittarius is present in the company, and he was asked to tell some fascinating story from his life, then the entire time he speaks, those around him listen to him with bated breath. Few people have such a gift, so being in the company of this person is a pleasure.

He loves nature, travel, good music. At the same time, he constantly needs to learn something new, so the best leisure time for a man of this sign is long-distance travel with all the attributes of a real active holiday (fishing or hunting, evening gatherings by the fire and songs with a guitar). Taking off in a matter of minutes, spontaneously deciding to go on a long journey as is, without long preparations, is a normal phenomenon for Sagittarius.
If the “centaur” has decided on something, then it is useless to dissuade him. Attempts to limit his freedom in any way irritate this man very much. Such tactics will not help make him fall in love with you. There are only two ways out of this situation – either step aside and not interfere with the implementation of another fixed idea, or go in search of adventure with him.

Unbelievable but true. He is often called the darling of fate, since no other sign of the Zodiac is as lucky. In the most monstrous set of circumstances, he inexplicably gets away with it. Perhaps this explains his ease of climbing.

What kind of women do Sagittarius men like?

In most cases, they themselves cannot really explain what attracts them more to representatives of the opposite sex. With one hundred percent certainty, we can name only a few of the traits that a girl who dreams of making a Sagittarius fall in love with her should have. This is a sense of humor, sociability, curiosity, lack of complexes and naturalness.

What is important for Sagittarius in a woman?

Of course, a man of this sign, like any other representative of the stronger sex, is inclined to love with his eyes, but a woman’s external attractiveness is more likely to be perceived by him as a pleasant bonus in addition to intelligence.

Usually this man chooses a mate from his social circle. It is very important for him that the lady of his heart shares his interests, otherwise he will very quickly get bored in her company. A woman who wants to make a Sagittarius fall in love, first of all, must be an interesting conversationalist and only then everything else.

A lady can be thrice beautiful, an excellent housewife and cook, but if there is nothing to talk to her about, such a person is unlikely to interest a Sagittarius man, and even more so she will not have a single chance to make him fall in love. Boring, narrow-minded people of the opposite sex, prone to constant suspicion and jealousy, disgust him.

Sagittarius’s wife, first of all, should be his faithful friend and ally, and only then the mistress and mother of his children. And if his companion manages to find a common language with his friends, then this guy’s admiration will know no bounds.

Which women will definitely attract the attention of a Sagittarius?

He looks at the world soberly, but despite this, he experiences true pleasure from adventures that are not devoid of romance. He is always interested in learning something new, therefore:

Sagittarius’s attention may be attracted by a foreigner or a woman whose social background is radically different from him.
for the same reason, he will definitely pay attention to the lady whose interests coincide with his hobbies.
he may also be interested in a lady for whom he himself is an object of imitation.
Often, a Sagittarius teacher can fall in love with his student or student of some course. Men of this sign remain children at heart until old age. With age, they become especially attractive to the opposite sex.

This is interesting. A man of this sign experiences sexual attraction, as a rule, to those persons of the opposite sex who evoke in him a feeling of respect.

Signs and behavior of a Sagittarius man in love

If a woman is observant, she can easily figure out the “centaur” whose heart was pierced by Cupid’s arrow. This man’s state of falling in love consists of two stages. At the first of them, he will savor his feelings, like a gourmet does a good, aged wine. He will act slowly, showing the object of his adoration care and attention, making beautiful gifts. Moving on to the second stage, Sagittarius will begin to take a closer look at his passion in order to ultimately decide whether she is worthy of becoming his wife.

The main signs that he is in love:

In the presence of his beloved woman, Sagittarius’s eyes light up, a smile appears, and his mood rises;
he cannot resist the desire to touch his beloved, take her hand, hug her;
When communicating with her, he carefully chooses his words so as not to accidentally offend her.

How to conquer a Sagittarius man?

In their youth, these people rarely seek consistency in relationships. You can attract a Sagittarius man, and even fall in love with him, but you shouldn’t count on a long romance, since his main goal is a girl with whom he can have fun – nothing more. But with age, representatives of the fire sign begin to think about the eternal, so it becomes quite easy to conquer them.

Recommendations for conquering Sagittarius

The main weapon of a lady who decides to win his heart will be an extraordinary sense of humor. In addition to wit, this man highly values ​​naturalness and openness in women. Other qualities that will help make him fall in love:

  • ability to maintain a casual conversation;
  • cheerful disposition;
  • impeccable appearance;
  • friendliness and openness, but not easy accessibility;
  • love of nature and travel;
  • the ability to take off at any moment and go on a journey with your chosen one.

4 golden rules of behavior

At his core, this man is a hunter. If the prey itself falls into the hands of Sagittarius, he is not interested in it. It’s worth remembering a few rules and constantly adhering to them, then this sign’s passion will never go away:

If you want to make a Sagittarius fall in love, never hang on to his neck and don’t force your communication on him. Become inaccessible, awaken in him the desire to achieve, but do not overdo it. This man cannot stand cutesy and mannered ladies – the simpler the better. But don’t confuse simplicity and openness with accessibility.

Don’t try to limit his freedom and tie him to you. This man must have other interests in his life. Remember that every action causes a reaction. The more a woman tries to put him on a short leash, the more passionately he will want to break off it. And at the same time, providing complete freedom of action will attract this man like a magnet.

Do not complicate the relationship with excessive seriousness, be easy and independent in communicating with him. You shouldn’t make plans out loud for family life with a Sagittarius, this can scare him off long before you manage to fall in love with this passionate admirer of freedom.
Naturalness and frankness are the main companions of a long relationship with Sagittarius. Even insignificant omissions in small things can be regarded by this man as lies and insincerity. And if the germ of doubt arises in his soul, then he will not be able to come up with anything better than a break.

On a note. Any manifestation of an attempt to limit his freedom – be it contracts, obligations, strict rules, or simply a desire to impose his opinion on him – will immediately be regarded as pressure and blackmail. If you dream of falling in love with him, have patience. Sagittarius must mature for any serious decision himself.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

In conclusion, it is worth considering which women are more suitable for a Sagittarius man. Which of them has a real chance of not only falling in love with this guy, but also building a strong relationship with him? We read, we draw conclusions.


The main thing in this union is to achieve mutual understanding and trust. If both signs channel their innate energy into the same direction, they will have a life full of fun adventures and exciting moments.


Opposites attract – this expression is relevant just for the Sagittarius-Taurus couple. An optimist and a pessimist, it would seem that such a union is not possible by definition. However, if both signs work a little on their shortcomings, and are also able to accept each other for who they are, then their union can be quite successful.


Despite the different elements, these signs have a lot in common. A craving for adventure, knowledge, lightness and energy. Both highly value freedom and do not accept its restrictions, so they can understand each other like no one else. It doesn’t cost anything for Gemini to make Sagittarius fall in love – with them he will never get bored.


An alliance with this sign is unlikely. Clear differences in views make these signs completely incompatible. Cancer constantly thinks about the future, family and stability are important to him, and Sagittarius, with his thirst for adventure and habit of living one day at a time, will constantly feel violated in his rights.

a lion

The best match for Sagittarius. These signs have a complete coincidence – the constant, even fire of Leo will support and not allow the smoldering embers of Sagittarius to fade away. This couple has ideal sexual and spiritual compatibility. What else is needed for a long and happy life together?


A fire man and an earth woman are a complex combination. An alliance is possible only if both make concessions – she will allow him to organize bright celebrations of life, and he will not burn her too much with his heat.


Complete mismatch. The Libra woman is very serious, the Sagittarius man, on the contrary, constantly jokes. She does not want to understand his childish spontaneity and youthful pranks. He considers her a meticulous bore who does not know how to enjoy life.


A complex and contradictory union, nevertheless, it is possible, but only if each of the signs compromises with their partner. And it is unknown which of them will have a more difficult time.


There is definitely compatibility, because each of them is a mirror image of the second. The only issue they need to settle is to learn to look not at each other, but in one direction. By combining their energies, these signs will be able to conquer the whole world.


This sign is very secretive, it is difficult for him to express his feelings, while Sagittarius expects utmost clarity in everything. Omissions on the part of Capricorn can give rise to doubts in the soul of his partner, which over time will develop into complete distrust. In this case, the relationship will become impossible.


Not only do these signs feel great in each other’s company, but they also give a feeling of happiness to anyone who witnesses their relationship. They, like a magnet, attract people to themselves and share with them their happiness and positive energy.


Another zodiac sign whose qualities Sagittarius values ​​very highly. The deep and rich spiritual world of Pisces, the variety of interests and the ability to carry on a conversation on any topic are the ideal basis for building a happy relationship.

Only a woman for whom openness, sincerity and a thirst for life are natural needs can make a Sagittarius man fall in love and keep him close for a long time or even forever. Only in this case everything will work out by itself and you won’t have to limit yourself in anything, break your habits in an effort to become for him the one he wants to see.

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