7 Tips for Feeling Amazing After Sex

7 Tips for Feeling Amazing After Sex

Sex: You probably know very well what you need to do before an intimate relationship with your partner – from the right way to talk to each other, to setting a certain mood. But you may be less sure about what to do after sex.

At Christmas, we want to make love even more, and the scientific explanations are relentless.

After all, there is a wide variety of post-coital situations: some prefer to sleep, others to curl up quietly somewhere, and others to laugh or talk. However, there are some things you can do after sex that are sure to have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

With these few essential actions, just after enjoying this moment, you can even promote optimal sexual well-being. Below are some expert-recommended tips you should consider after every romp, for your own health.

Go to the toilet

What everyone hears about the benefits of going pee after sex is true, says Sunny Rodgers, certified sex coach and ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association.

“This is the first step that I always suggest right after sex ,” according to her. This helps “clear the pipes” and eliminate bacteria and toxins. Next, Sunny Rodgers advises, if possible, to wash yourself briefly, “using a clean washcloth, mild unscented soap and lukewarm water . ”

This essential hygiene measure will go a long way to keeping you comfortable and protecting you against infections, such as painful urinary tract infections.

Choose breathable underwear

Sunny Rodgers suggests wearing breathable and comfortable underwear. “Cotton is the best way to allow the genitals to breathe ,” she explains. “As a natural fiber, cotton is also hypoallergenic, highly absorbent and will not irritate your most sensitive parts, which are likely to be more sensitive and moist after sex . ”


There’s a reason why pillow talk is so satisfying: it’s a perfect time to create or strengthen connections. Every time you have sex with a partner, the “love hormone ,” scientifically known as oxytocin, is released.

“This hormone creates a feeling of closeness ,” explains Chamin Ajjan, psychotherapist and sexologist in New York. “Talking with your partner after sex is a great way to bond and build intimacy. You can talk about your hopes, your dreams, what you would like to do with your partner, or anything that is important to you. »

Hydrate yourself

Grab a bottle of water from the fridge and put it on your nightstand before sex, or head to the kitchen right after.

“Drinking water after sex can help hydrate you and maintain your energy levels, as sexual stimulation can certainly be draining ,” advises Sunny Rodgers. “It can also help clear bacteria from the urinary tract.” Drink in small sips. »

Have a snack

It’s not uncommon to feel hungry after sex, because during sex you burn calories and your heart rate increases. So plan from the start to eat a little something after the act, suggests Sunny Rodgers.

You could also consider cooking something simple but satisfying together, advises Ajjan. It’s a great way to continue building connections and deepen teamwork and communication between you.

Give yourself compliments

To get the most out of future sex, it’s important to tell your partner what you liked. “Right after sex, oxytocin levels are still high ,” explains Karla Ivankovich, couples therapist and clinical advisor at OnePatient Global Health. “Sharing with each other what you really appreciated in your intimacy, physically or emotionally, is a great way to continue to build bonds. »

Even if you haven’t orgasmed, connecting on an emotional level and communicating with each other helps “meet each other’s needs ,” says Ivankovich.


Right after love, it’s a good idea to maintain a playful mindset and connect with each other with a little humor. “In the state of post-coital euphoria, everything seems better anyway ,” according to Ms. Ivankovich. “Tell a bad joke, be stupid and prolong the time of intimacy. This extra time is important. If one partner leaves too quickly, the other may have a bad impression created by euphoria that falls flat. »

Overall, try not to think of sex as just a one-act play. It’s also about relaxing together, extending intimacy – and in doing so, taking care of yourself and your health.

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