Postpartum Revelation: Essential Insights for the First Days After Giving Birth

Postpartum Revelation: Essential Insights for the First Days After Giving Birth
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Postpartum, After 9 months of pregnancy, we are finally happy that the baby is out of our womb so we can take care of him and us at the same time. This is the ideal situation, but unfortunately, fate has decided otherwise and this one is called “postpartum”. If during prenatal classes we are told everything we need to know about the upcoming arrival of a baby through brochures, videos, protocols, and others, childbirth specialists omit one essential thing, what happens after… joys of childbirth they said!

A look back at what postpartum is

Childbirth is an emotional stage, sometimes mixing happiness and distress. If we are happy that the baby is finally out, it is not the same for the consequences. Eh yes! Postpartum hits hard and the first days are an obstacle course. Many contradictions to the strong and intense moments promised during prenatal classes. This overwhelming stage, if one can read or hear a few months, can last much longer.

What happens during this period?

The postpartum remains a subject that is little talked about even though it should be included in prenatal sessions. New mothers are experiencing real upheavals, both physiological and emotional. It is not uncommon to see some of them cracking right after.

As for physical discomforts, they can be numerous and appear immediately after childbirth: back pain or headaches, hemorrhoids, trench pain, urinary leakage, lochia, constipation, etc.

If the postpartum period is completely normal, we would have liked to have been informed earlier to be able to prepare for it. Emotionally, on the other hand, it can be difficult to fully prepare as the experience is so unique.

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