Online Shopping: The Ultimate To-Do List for a Successful Experience

Online Shopping: The Ultimate To-Do List for a Successful Experience
Written by Tech Brain

We sneer, we sneer, but online shopping is far from being within everyone’s reach.

For some, it’s an endless jungle in which it’s very easy to get lost and end up buying an excessively expensive Berber rug or a highly sophisticated but totally useless culinary appliance (hello my blender-soup cooker).

So to avoid falling headfirst into all the traps, there are very simple rules to follow…

1. Make a list of your needs

To avoid getting scattered and ending up with only things I don’t need, I start by preparing a pretty notebook, and a small pen and then I dig deep to find out what exactly I need.

Once the list is ready, I can finally open the tabs I need to make sure I don’t make a mistake and avoid buying just anything at any time (“ooooh hey, a cache teddy bear head pot, it’s soooo cool”).

2. Take your time

It’s not by sneaking off to the H&M website at work because I’m dying for new jeans that I’m going to find exactly the ones I need… No.

Better to wait until I get home and can finally curl up on the sofa with a big comfortable sweatshirt, a little chocolate in one hand, my credit card in the other, and lots of time in front of me to choose THE jeans.

3. Don’t hesitate to visualize

When shopping online, I often get lost on sites that sell sumptuous things but so not for me…

I’ve already spent hours staring at delicate floral blouses that were totally gorgeous and made me moan with envy, without wondering if, really, this crew neck closure was made for me. At the reception, I was much less enthusiastic when I noticed that what fits the model doesn’t always suit me.

4. Play the comparator

Yet another reason to take your time and shop online in the ideal conditions to get the most out of it: the multitude of possible prices.

Suddenly, I became a real price comparison expert! You never know, this charming Nat et Nin leather bag that catches my eye may be sold a little cheaper on another site… Which would even allow me to buy a matching purse!

5. Always check things

Be careful not to leave anything to chance! Sometimes we get a little carried away and we forget that no, everything is not always exactly what we saw on the site. Enough to end up with a carpet that is 1 meter by 1 meter and is completely unusable.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, I never forget to check the dimensions, the return conditions (hello, the extremely badly cut coat that is going back eeect), and the delivery time – especially for Christmas gifts.

6. Have everything prepared

It’s a lesson I learned by doing a lot of online shopping (sometimes even a little too much for my own good and that of my poor banker): you should never be caught off guard… EVER!

How many times I ran throughout the apartment to find my bag and my credit card inside… How many frantic searches for my phone have I sometimes launched to be able to enter the security code for my banking app…

No, really, online shopping is a complicated exercise that requires talent, flexibility, and above all a good memory for your credit card number.

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