Books to read to start the new year in good mood

Books to read to start the new year in good mood
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Books to read: Don’t they say that reading is an excellent remedy for the soul? With a hot tea, wrapped up in a blanket, it’s even better, especially to start the year 2024 with a bang! Whether to entertain yourself, help yourself, or simply explore new horizons, here are 5 books to get urgently from the bookstore!

Your time is infinite – What if your day is longer than you thought? – Fabien Olicard

According to Fabien Olicard, a star mentalist on social networks, we actually have much more time on a daily basis than we think to accomplish our projects and achieve our goals. However, our current lifestyle and the overabundance of digital content drastically harm our personal development and divert our minds from the right path. His book Your Time is Infinite is a veritable mine of information for all those who want to put an end to procrastination and minutes wasted in sterile activity. He gives advice on how to get better organized, lose bad habits, and above all learn to make the most of your professional and personal life to achieve spiritual elevation.

I stop stressing – Patrick Amar and Sylvia André

Having barely started the new year, are you already overwhelmed by stress? Financial problems, professional difficulties, and family pressure, all against the backdrop of a health crisis… do you have the impression of being stuck in a loop with no way out? It’s time to take control of yourself with I Stop Stressing, a book designed by two clinical psychologists, divided into 21 chapters to learn in 21 days how to get rid of these negative waves that ruin our daily lives. The program includes exercises, quizzes, tests, and a number of other resolutely relevant and methodical tools to do personal work and free yourself from the negative.

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living – Meik Wiking

Straight from Denmark, hygge is a trend that knows how to gain followers! The concept is simple, it’s about taking time for yourself and enjoying these little everyday moments that make us happy far from all nuisance and stress. A meal shared with loved ones, a moment of relaxation on the sofa, a ray of light observed at dawn… This work was written by Meik Wiking, director of the Institute for Happiness Research in Copenhagen – yes, yes it exists! – presents the main principles of this philosophy and offers tips for adopting it on a daily basis, a great breath of fresh air for those who want to profoundly improve their daily lives.

Like magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

If Elizabeth Gilbert is an expert in personal development, her book Comme parmagique is aimed at both initiates and beginners. The author starts from a simple premise. Everyone has hidden treasures that just need to be exploited on a daily basis, ideas, and above all creativity that need to be developed and cherished to be more fulfilled on a daily basis. Magic emphasizes the pleasure of creating without necessarily having any objective or aiming for performance, a work designed for all those who have the soul of an artist or writer. A must-read book, especially if you feel constrained in your creative endeavor!

3 months to have confidence in myself – Cynthia Kafka

A lack of confidence is always a heavy burden to bear. Perhaps you took advantage of this transition to the year 2024 to resolve to work on this point. If this is the case, the good news, the book 3 Months to Have Confidence in Me can only support you positively in this adventure. Written by Cynthia Kafka, host of Maman Bavarde, an eternal optimist very present on social networks, the book is a summary of testimonies, advice, and tips for learning to surpass yourself and get up every day with your head held high. Whether you really want to heal your lack of confidence or simply if you are going through a painful period emotionally speaking, 3 months to have confidence in yourself is a bedside book to read and reread.

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