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SteelSeries Sensei Ten: An In-Depth Review

SteelSeries Sensei Ten: An In-Depth Review
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SteelSeries Sensei Ten: The Sensei, once a popular gaming mouse from SteelSeries, has seen an apparent decline over the years. However, its manufacturer recently relaunched it, equipping this new version, the Sensei Dix, with the latest technologies. In this article, we will take a close look at this successor to determine if it can regain the fame of its predecessor.

Scope of delivery

The mouse comes with a standard link cable and the usual documentation. A notable point is the free availability of the software online, allowing you to customize various settings.

Design and manufacturing

The design of the Sensei Dix remains sober, avoiding flashy elements. The mouse features an illuminated manufacturer logo and a mouse wheel with RGB LED. The rubberized surface offers a pleasant touch, ensuring a comfortable grip without the risk of slipping. The symmetrical design allows for easy use with both the right and left hand.

Features: Sensor and keys

The mouse has eight keys, of which the main buttons have an expected lifespan of 60 million clicks. The True-Move-Sensor, a modified version of PixArt’s PMW 3389, offers a resolution of 18,000 DPI. Unintentional movements are compensated for, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.


Although the software is not essential for basic operation, the Engine 3 software allows for advanced adjustments. Besides resolution and lighting, it offers gaming integration and a Discord interface. Notifications can use RGB lighting to attract attention.

Practical test

During the practical test, the Sensei Dix demonstrated a comfortable grip and easy gliding across the mat. The optimized sensor reacts precisely and quickly, compensating for unintentional movements. Despite relatively high button resistance, the overall experience remains pleasant, suitable for fast-paced games.

In conclusion, Sensei Dix marks a successful return. Its simple design, precision, and high speed make it a relevant choice for the gaming sector. With an exceptional sensor and careful workmanship, the Sensei Dix convinces. The only reservations concern ergonomics for smaller hands, but for those looking for professional-level performance, the Sensei Dix is ​​a solid choice.

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