BVG buses in Berlin: return after three years of absence

BVG buses

BVG buses: In Berlin, a major announcement in the world of public transport: the resumption of cash payments on board BVG bus, a decision awaited by many users. After a period of three years without this option, the Berlin Public Transport Company (BVG) is responding to demand and reintroducing this possibility from mid-January 2023. This decision, although deliberately delayed according to some sources, marks a significant change in the BVG payment policy, thus adapting to the preferences of German users.

1. Return to cash payments: an expected decision
History of resistance to cash payments

The BVG had maintained its resistance to cash payments for a long period. However, faced with increasing pressure from the red-green-red coalition and the IGEB passenger association, the BVG gave in. Jannes Schwentu, spokesperson for the company, confirmed this decision, stressing that it was motivated by the need to align with user expectations and the directives of the Senate Department responsible for the environment, mobility, consumers and climate protection.

Response to the Corona pandemic

Initially, the BVG had suspended cash payments in part to protect its employees against the risks of infection linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Corona. However, as the situation evolved, the decision was re-evaluated. Schwentu explained, “To protect employees against infections, BVG has relied since Corona exclusively on contactless and therefore cashless ticket sales on its buses. However, the competent Senate Department has now decided that the purchase of tickets on the bus should also be possible in cash. »

Reactions and implications
Reactions from unions and stakeholders

The reintroduction of cash payments has not been well received by all. Thever.di union, through Matthias Templin, spokesperson for the specialist group for buses and trains, expressed its dissatisfaction on Facebook . Discussions with the VBB were suggested to possibly reconsider this measure. However, despite these reactions, the BVG persists in its decision.

Early conversion and schedule change

The conversion to cash payments has been faster than expected. Initially planned for the second quarter of 2023, the policy change will occur on January 16, 2023. This acceleration of the timetable should delight users who wanted to see this option reintroduced earlier than expected.

A significant development in Berlin transport

The BVG is adapting to the changing needs of its users by reintroducing cash payments on buses. This decision, although sparking varying reactions, is a step towards greater flexibility in payment options, thus meeting individual preferences. The anticipated return of this functionality marks an important step in the evolution of the BVGpayment policies, highlighting its commitment to user satisfaction.


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