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Investing: $50 is possible with RealT


Investing in real estate in France is becoming increasingly difficult. Rising interest rates are forcing many people to abandon their projects in anticipation of better days. In this fragile context, the startup RealT, founded in 2019 by two Canadian entrepreneurs, offers an alternative.

His concept is simple: to democratize rental investing so that it is more accessible to the general public. To achieve this, the company relies on blockchain technology with an innovation-driven approach. Having this tool is a step forward for the sector. In fact, it greatly simplifies the exchange and provides decentralized and transparent asset protection.

Specifically, RealT buys real estate, then shares and tokenizes it equally. They are then offered and sold to the public through the market. In this way, users become co-owners of the property and receive a portion of the rent every Monday.

What are the benefits of RealT?

This service allows you to invest in more than 350 properties with a total value of USD 100 million. These are often houses located in the United States of America, and soon in the European Union.

Another strength of this investment is that it is very flexible, but above all, very affordable at only $50 per token. The platform is an alternative solution for people who want to diversify their portfolios.

Thanks to its work, RealT allows you to earn regular income. So, while some investments take too long to pay off, the startup offers weekly payments (every Monday) of your rent in stablecoins pegged to the US dollar. This will allow you to see your income more clearly and manage your capital better in the long run.

Flexibility is also important when comparing the platform to traditional real estate investments. In fact, you can easily resell your RealT tokens after paying the commission. There is also a dedicated marketplace where you can resell peer-to-peer networks. In both cases, the process is simpler, and transferring a $50 share is much easier than transferring the entire apartment.

Of course, these investments are not entirely safe, as Jean-Marc Jacobson, the company’s co-founder, reminds us: “No investment is without risk,” including default and liquidity problems. However, by avoiding bank loans to its clients, RealT eliminates some of the fears associated with the traditional market.

A good return is expected

To better understand the interest in what RealT has to offer, let’s look at the example of this residence located in the city of Detroit in the United States. The latter is estimated at 69,552 dollars. By investing $50.40 or one token, you can get an annual return of 9.87% (if the tenant has no payment or liquidity problems).

In short, RealT offers people an opportunity to invest in a simple way and for a reasonable amount ($50 per token). It puts its technology at your service, offering a reliable and flexible offering that is extremely profitable. The platform allows you to build a real estate portfolio while simultaneously earning passive income.

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