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Vacation: Even if you’re lucky enough to love your job, vacations are often an event that everyone looks forward to. Whether it’s to travel, spend time with family, meet up with friends or simply take a breather, vacations are a precious time for employees around the world. But not all workers are in the same boat. Indeed, from one country to another, employees are not all entitled to the same amount of paid leave.

Today, the site allows you to get your hands on the job of your dreams, in particular by helping you create a relevant and impactful CV that will catch the eye of recruiters. So obviously, when we talk about paid leave, knows it. The site looked at the number of paid leave and public holidays that an employee can obtain depending on the country in which they work. Spoiler alert: French employees are not too badly off .

Which countries offer the most paid leave and public holidays?

To establish its ranking, examined the government sites of 197 countries, the OECD and the International Labor Organization in order to fully understand the laws on legal annual paid leave and paid public holidays. Then, the site combined the number of holidays and paid leave available each year to rank these 197 countries.

Non-Working Days World

According to, Iran, the Republic of San Marino and Yemen are on the podium . The first accumulates 53 non-working days, including public holidays and paid leave. Better ? Iranian employees enjoy 27 annual public holidays, the highest number in the ranking. The Republic of San Marino and Yemen respectively have 46 and 45 non-working days each year. The first offers 26 days of paid leave and 20 public holidays while Yemen offers 30 days of paid leave and 15 public holidays each year.

But France, in all this? With 25 days of paid leave and 11 public holidays each year, employees in France are entitled to 36 non-working days per year . Across the 197 countries observed by, employees around the world are entitled to 18.2 days of paid leave each year on average .

The worst off are employees in the United States, Nauru, Micronesia and Kiribati who have no legal paid days off. The United States is the only developed country where this is the case. Workers can “make up for it” with 10 public holidays per year. A very meager compensation… However, let us point out that on average, American employees benefit from 14 days of paid leave after having spent a year in their company.

If you want to see the country and travel around Europe, Iceland offers 40 non-working days with 24 days of paid leave and 16 public holidays while Scotland offers 28 days of paid leave and 10 annual public holidays. .


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