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Creative Outlier Air V2: New generation of wireless in-ear headphones

Creative Outlier Air V2: New generation of wireless in-ear headphones

Creative innovation in the world of audio.

Creative introduces Outlier Air V2, a new generation of wireless in-ear headphones with touch controls, marking a significant advancement in audio. No more harsh button presses—Outlier Air V2 offers sleek, sweat-resistant, and improved call quality with touch controls.

Creative Outlier Air V2: New generation of wireless in-ear headphones

Advanced connectivity and battery life

The Outlier Air V2 connects via Bluetooth 5.0, providing compatibility with a variety of devices such as cell phones and tablets. With a battery life of 12 hours per charge and 34 hours of total playback, these headphones provide uninterrupted music listening. Additionally, a pocket-sized charging station is included for extended use.

Impressive technical characteristics.
Design and touch control.

Particularly noteworthy are the Outlier Air V2’s touch controls, which provide intuitive operation. Gently press to pause the music, select the next track or answer a call, making the user’s experience easier.

Improved call quality

In addition to touch features, the Outlier Air V2 improves call quality with dual omnidirectional microphones equipped with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 technology. This upgrade delivers crystal-clear image clarity by effectively filtering out background noise.

Exceptional sound quality

The Outlier Air V2 delivers superb audio quality with a 5.6mm graphics driver aperture. Additionally, the built-in Super X-Fi technology, although only works with a dedicated app, creates immersive holographic sound.

Premium connection for exceptional sound

All audio is transmitted via Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and aptX support, delivering lossless stereo sound. However, using aptX requires integration on the mobile side.

Reliable battery for long-term use

With a total battery life of 34 hours, the Outlier Air V2 outperforms its predecessor. The charging case, identical to the previous model, provides fast charging via USB Type-C. The magnetic design prevents the headphones from slipping out of the holder during transport.

Elegant design and sustainability

With IPX5 certification, the Outlier Air V2 is water and sweat resistant. Its matte grey-blue design with glossy touch surfaces adds to the aesthetics. Creative also offers three earplugs for a custom fit.

Reasonable price for exceptional performance

The Outlier Air V2 costs €69.99 and offers advanced features at an affordable price. In conclusion, these headphones combine exceptional sound quality, innovative touch features, and longer battery life, making them an attractive option in the wireless headphone market.

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