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Baidu Electric Cars: “Smart” electric cars to revolutionize the market

Baidu Electric Cars: “Smart” electric cars to revolutionize the market

Baidu Electric Cars: With Robo-01 and Robo-02, the Chinese search engine giant Baidu aims to change the world of electric vehicles. These vehicles from automotive subsidiary Jidu were presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show, marking Baidu’s entry into the smart electric mobility sector.

Baidu Electric Cars: “Smart” electric cars to revolutionize the market

Baidu’s first smart cars

The Robo-01 and Robo-02 cars are the first models that Baidu calls “smart cars.” While Robo-01 is already in prototype and expected to be released this year, Robo-02 is still in the conceptual development stage. Baidu promises revolutionary smart features that go beyond simple sensors, including autonomous parking capabilities and emotional communication with passersby.

Discovery in the Metaverse

The presentation of Jidu Robo-01 took place in cyberspace, through the Chinese Xirang metaverse. The avatar drove the car, revealing his features. Baidu insists that the final model will be 90% identical to the original concept, using lessons learned from operating autonomous taxis in China.

Modern technologies on board

The Robo-01 vehicle is equipped with the technologies necessary for Level 4 autonomous driving. This feat is powered by a Qualcomm 8295 processor and two Nvidia Orin , lidar and radar technology to ensure optimal safety.

Performance and autonomy

Robo-01 has a range of 600 km, surpassing some competitors and comparable to recent electric SUVs. Its power includes two motors with a total power of 400 kW, which allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

Robo-02: Towards superior innovation

Robo-02 represents an evolution, taking the form of a sports coupe. Baidu is considering even more advanced features, such as eliminating door handles in favor of opening and closing via Bluetooth or voice control.

Price and availability

As for the Robo-01, Baidu plans to launch it in 2023, and a fully equipped special edition will cost about 53,000 euros. However, details regarding the availability of the Robo-02 have yet to be determined, and manufacturer Jidu plans to provide more information throughout the year.

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